The "Four Pillars" of ASAC

Our Commitment to the Staffing Industry:

I. Trusted Advisor

II. Products Follow the Process

III. All Interests Aligned

IV. Profitable Growth through Enterprise Risk Management

The American Staffing Assurance Company program exists to partner with staffing firms that strive to be the "Best of the Best".  The unique ASAC "Products Follow the Process" methodology allows ASAC and its Exclusive Agents to provide consultative services to staffing firms at the highest corporate level, facilitating sound business decisions that contemplate a comprehensive understanding of the "Ultimate Cost of Risk" associated with those decisions.  Over time, this "Aligned Interests" partnership allows ASAC insureds to consistently reduce their ultimate cost of risk, in a never-ending quest to achieve the lowest ultimate cost of risk possible and, in turn, profitably grow their business. To learn more about how you can reduce your ultimate cost of risk, please contact us.

Jim Farber